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Back to Black

What is “Back to Black?” Fashion Odds, an online fashion and entertainment bi-monthly magazine established in the Twin Cities, defines Back to Black as reminiscing the history of past momentums that have impacted the present experiences of the 12 influential and empowering African American women. On February 12, 2014, Fashion Odds Minneapolis partnered up with Chris McDuffie Photography and the Minneapolis Beauty Lounge to capture 12 African American women of the Twin Cities in one movement: “Back to Black,” to honor Black History Month 2014.  

Pictured from left to right are Anna Jones (model, actress, host and emcee), Shatona Kilgore Groves (owner of Webb Models and Talent), Coryn Woitel (model), Sherita Moss (model, dancer and actress), Ashley DuBose (singer/songwriter), Sonya Goins (news reporter), Robyn Robinson (news reporter, jewelry designer), Faatemah Ampey (award-winning hair trendsetter), Jasmine Stringer (business development consultant), Ada Johnson (product manager, Target Corporation), Felicia Wright-Palmer (model and Xcel Energy, outdoor lighting) and Judy Justin (co-owner of Eldercare Consultants). Read more about them at  

This information was provided by Continue Reading →

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Keystone Computer Solution: preparing youth of color for IT professions

Couple says creating future leaders is ‘the right thing to do’


By Isaac Peterson

Contributing Writer


The Richburgs, Joe and Dorothy, have extensive experience with a large number of large local corporations. Between the two, they have worked for Pillsbury, Control Data, 3M, and the Federal Reserve Bank in various capacities. That lasted until the time, as Joe Richburg describes it, that “The light came on. Working for somebody else means you are always at their beck and call, and you will never be truly independent and free; you will never realize your potential working for someone else.”

That realization led to the couple founding Keystone Computer Solutions, Inc. Dorothy, originally from Washington, DC, and Joe, from Philadelphia, had met at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where they both had focused their studies on mathematics and computer science. After graduating, they both had job offers in the Twin Cities: Dorothy with 3M and Joe with Pillsbury. Continue Reading →

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President Obama visits St. Paul



By Charles Hallman
Staff Writer

President Barack Obama, in St. Paul on Wednesday, reiterated his vow he made earlier in his State of the Union address in January that he will take action when needed if Congress won’t. “I’m just going to do what I can…” proclaimed Obama during a nearly 20-minute speech to an enthusiastic overflowing audience at the Union Depot in downtown St. Paul. Continue Reading →

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City of Mpls committed to Northside economic growth projects

Jobs, housing, support services for local residents is top priority for CPED

By Charles Hallman

Staff Writer


The City of Minneapolis has recently committed to help businesses and affordable housing growth in North Minneapolis, according to their Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) office. The MSR spoke in-depth with CPED Director Cathy Polasky, who described their level of financial investment. “We actually spend a lot of time and resources in North Minneapolis. During the recession and following the [2011] tornado, we were making a lot of small loans to help people stay in business or fix up damage, and now we are seeing [Northside] businesses at the point where they are expanding.”

CPED last year “invested” almost $4 million or 45 percent of the department’s total budget in Northside services as Northside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON) and nearly $3 million dollars in housing projects as well, Polasky announced. “We are looking at developing properties, and we also are looking to businesses that are likely to have job opportunities for Northside residents,” she explained. Continue Reading →

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Somali growth is a Democrat nightmare

I want to take this moment to recognize the Somali brothers and sisters for arriving in Minneapolis, not making excuses, working hard and learning Minneapolis politics. Many of you underestimated the intellect of our Somali brothers and sisters to rise up, including one Rep. Phyllis Kahn. I have learned that the W3-P6 caucus has rescheduled their caucus after the rising Somali population in that precinct had a powerful influence by the Somali community on their caucus night recently. It appears that Democrat party Chairman Ken Martin is playing his “I am in charge of the Minneapolis Plantation” by flexing his whip by deciding to hold another meeting outside the precinct, thus, avoiding high-Somali turnout to protect Rep. Kahn. The Democrats are turning back the clock on voting rights, disrespecting the many Blacks that have died for our right to vote by requiring caucus attendees to present a form of Voter ID to prove eligibility participation. Continue Reading →

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When bribery and corruption causes death!

In the deaths of five children in North Minneapolis
On Saturday, February 15, 2014, Minneapolis Fire Department units rushed to a blazing and fatal fire at 2818 Colfax Avenue, North. Five beautiful, precious and innocent children lost their lives. The father, who lost his wife to heart disease a couple of months ago, now loses five of his children. He tried to rescue them. Three were burnt beyond recognition. Continue Reading →

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Free CeCe may not reach intended target: the narrow minded

CeCe McDonald walked out of St. Cloud State Penitentiary a free woman on January 13, after serving 19 months of a 41-month sentence. She will be under court supervision for the remainder of the sentence. McDonald, a transgender woman, was sent to a men’s prison. After pleading guilty to manslaughter on charges stemming from a fight outside a bar that began with her minding her own business before three White people started hollering sexual and racial slurs and one of them wound up dead, the plain fact is McDonald shouldn’t’ve been in jail at all. Continue Reading →

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If Black people build it, the rest will come







By Leonard R. Daniel, Jr.

Contributing Writer 


Being born Black and American is a metaphysical dilemma I haven’t conquered yet, nor do I have the desire to do so. What I do dream of conquering is the negative stereotypes that accompany being born Black in America. While watching the local news, I saw images of a large physical altercation among young African Americans in a Minneapolis high school. These images forced me to ask myself a simple question: What if? What if young Black males in the U.S. simultaneously had an epiphany? Continue Reading →

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This Week’s Entertainment Spotlights

Stanley Clarke

Thu., Feb. 27, 7 pm

The Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis

Go to or call 612-338-2674



Stevie Stone

With Young Tyson, Zone EZ

Thu., Feb. 27, 7 pm

The Pourhouse, 10 S. 5th St., Minneapolis

Go to or call 612-843-2555


Greg Grease

Sat., Mar. 1, 9 pm

Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant, 1010 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

Call 612-332-1010 or go to



Air Dubai

With Itch, Sidereal and Sam McNaughton

Thu., Feb. Continue Reading →

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