The crossroads of mental health and faith

OpenEyessquareFaith is an essential part of our lives. As human beings, it is common to have some sort of connection with a spiritual force. If you read any therapy or motivational books on the Black community, it is often highlighted that faith is the core for Black people in healing. Pastor Roslyn Harmon is someone who is taking this form of healing to the next level with Circle of Healing Ministries.

 Meet Pastor Roslyn Harmon

Pastor Roslyn Harmon
Pastor Roslyn Harmon

Pastor Harmon is a former educator. She worked in the field of education for 21 years. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in communications and is currently finishing her master’s degree in psychotherapy from Adler Graduate School. Pastor Harmon has always felt the need to advance her faith-based practice to go a bit deeper with people’s mental and emotional health.

Pastor Harmon says, “People always told me I would be a good counselor.” She has always had the desire to help others heal. Therefore, three years ago she decided to take the journey of graduate school to make it official. She has had to go through her own journey of healing as well. One of the things that assisted her in her journey of healing was Story Circles.

Importance of faith in healing

Story Circles are therapeutic roundtable experiences that provide people an opportunity to be heard, felt and embraced. This method is the influence of Pastor Harmon’s brand new venture Circle of Healing Ministries. She describes her vision as an effort “to incorporate both mental health and spirituality on a level that is unique and organic for individuals to create a unified oneness and wholeness with Jesus Christ.”

Roslyn also shares the truth that many people have been hurt by their church experience. This is similar to the stigma with which the Black community views the mental health system. Pastor Roslyn hopes to bridge this gap between both institutions with a down-to-earth, non-confrontational approach.

Circle of Healing Ministries aims to achieve what Pastors Roslyn calls “The Fruit of the Spirit.” This includes the following nine areas: love, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control, gentleness and joy.

Pastor Roslyn believes that some people must discover the difference between happiness and joy. The idea of happiness is the instant gratification that usually lasts for just a moment. Joy, on the other hand, is a long-term feeling. Pastor Roslyn wants the people who engage in Circle of Healing Ministries to achieve a state of joy.

In short, for Pastor Roslyn faith is an essential element of healing. She explains, “Healing is a process. It does not happen overnight.” It is possible for people to get the emotional nutrition they need through both the Word and therapy.

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