Beam my Strand up, Myavana

Is this the hair-care science of the future?

FroRealNoLyeTrue testament of curl-friends dissecting strands in the name of Loving Your Hair: A couple of hair enthusiasts with passion and vision on providing additional hair-care tips teamed up to combine their time, talents, and love of all things hair with a startup business called Techturized.

Candace Mitchell, a computer science graduate, and Chanel Martin, a chemical engineer graduate, co-founded Techturized to create innovative solutions that will allow hair consumers to be informed and empowered while caring for their hair.


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(Photo courtesy of Myavana)

They launched their first product called Myavana, which means “my hair nirvana.” It’s a personalized hair-care recommendation system for hair products, hairstyles, salon services, and tutorial content, accessible via a web and mobile platform. Myavana is the only mobile social platform that provides this unique service to women of color in the hair-care industry.

These driven entrepreneurs took heed to a potential $500 billion industry by 2017 that is driven by African American women based on market research firm Mintel. These co-founders came up with a product they claim will save you hundreds of dollars and hours of frustration by eliminating the guesswork of choosing the right products designed for your hair.

They have received countless beauty, innovation and scientific accolades from media such as, but not limited to, Business Insiders, Essence, MSNBC, Black Enterprise and the list goes on.

The basis of their product is to leverage scientific and social data to provide reliable recommendations for women of color around the world. This concept seems brilliant on many levels, as it seems to provide concrete information on haircare practices that promote health, increase self-expression and give you confidence for embracing your strands.

Here is a high-level overview of how the scientific portion works after you have contacted the company, paid the fee, and provided your hair goals, current hair regimen, and current products used.

  1. The company will send you a kit to place a strand of your hair in the provided packet that will be sealed and sent back to them.
  2. Once your hair packet is received by the company, they will use a microscopic process to analyze each hair strand in a laboratory to review and assess key physical hair characteristics to abstract solid data from the strand.
  3. A personal report is generated that will match the results of your report with your desired hair goals, which will allow them to provide you with a detailed recommendation for you to follow to receive optimum hair results. This plan becomes your Personal Hair Care Plan.
  4. Within four weeks of your personalized hair-care plan, they will email and send your first set of sample products by mail.

During the time you follow the prescribed regimen, they want to hear from you directly because, if needed, they will have one of their counselors help you navigate through the maintenance process. The time-frame to see results will vary depending on the condition of the hair strands.

I say “Bravo” to these sisters for helping sisters achieve customized hair goals. For a potential fee, additional features on this product provides style guides, hair maintenance tips, recommended salons or stylists in your area, a relevant hair-care community, and if you opt each month they will send products to support your personalized Hair Care Plan.

Wow, one scientific step forward. I can’t wait to hear, “Beam my Strand up, Myavana.” This dynamic product could really change the way Black women manage and love their tresses.

The Myavana Hair & Beauty Network currently has a seven-city launch event lineup through spring 2015. These events are free and open to the public! Guests will have an opportunity to get a live demo of the Myavana hair-care recommendation system. If you feel sci-fi-ish, check them out online to find the event city nearest you.

Keep in mind that being pro-natural does not mean you are anti-relaxer. I like mine Fro Real No Lye!


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