I’m still voting for Donald Trump

What the hell is going on with Blacks in this Republican Party? My phone has been ringing off the hook since last week with people from across the country asking me to explain the unexplainable.

I don’t work for the Republican Party, but it seems everyone wants to call me to get an understanding or insight into the inner workings of some of the strategies coming out of this party from the party’s “so-called” Black operatives.

First, in order to be an operative, by definition, you must know how to operate. These Blacks have little to no significant campaign experience and have absolutely no understanding of messaging and communications.

Last week, I was with a Black nationally syndicated radio talk show host who is extremely liberal. He asked why the party has not brought on people like me to help with their efforts with the Black community, as opposed to suing people like me? I told him to call the party and ask them that same question.

But then he said something very interesting: “They don’t want people like you who know what they are doing,” he said. “They want people who they can control.” I thought that was extremely insightful.

Part of a true operative’s background is a thing called experience. Only through experience can one know what to do, as well as what not to do. By this party constantly bringing on people with no relevant experience, they are setting their Black surrogates up for failure.

I guess this explains why I have been receiving phone calls from all over the country, especially from North Carolina, Ohio, and Florida. It seems like these Black staffers have received orders from the party to go into the Black community and ask Blacks to vote Republican, but not for Trump. Yep, you heard me correctly!

Memo to Black Republicans: the Black community doesn’t make a distinction between Trump and the Republican Party; they are one in the same. You can’t have steak without meat, you can’t have basketball without the ball. How in the world do you go into the Black community and tell them that you are not supporting Trump’s campaign for the presidency on the Republican ticket and then turn around and ask them to vote Republican down ballot?

I unapologetically support Trump, because of the balance of the Supreme Court, my belief that amnesty for illegals will further exacerbate the Black unemployment rate, and our party’s establishment needs to be totally shaken up! We need totally new leadership from top to bottom on every level of the party. To me, all the other issues swirling around Trump is mere background noise.

Here’s another memo to Black Republicans: If you are not supporting Trump, then why are you taking money from an organization, the Republican National Committee, whose sole purpose is to get Donald Trump elected as president? Are you that desperate for money that you are willing to sell your political soul for 30 pieces of silver? If you are not supporting Trump, then have some principle and resign immediately.

Not one of these Black staffers has publically endorsed Donald Trump; nor can you find in any public statements or in their media appearances indicating their support for Trump. When they have been challenged about this by the media, they quickly deflect to the point that they work for the party, not the Trump campaign. Again, you can’t have one without the other. The party and Trump are joined at the hip at this point.

This is why these Blacks have absolutely no credibility when they go into the Black community. If they don’t even believe in the product they are selling, so how can they convince others to believe in it?


Raynard Jackson is founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered 527 Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party.

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