How will this election affect our bottom line?

61004e00-mgjokYou can only camouflage who you are for so long. If you watched the debates between Trump and Clinton, you saw firsthand mudslinging in politics like I have never witnessed before. If Obama acted like Trump did during his presidential bid, with all the accusations, Obama would most likely be in jail.

Trump has a foul personality, along with a potty mouth. He desperately needs a mouth enema. With candidates running for the highest office in America, the presidency, you would think the debate would have had some substance instead of all that nasty talk, which does nothing for my bottom line.

It was totally crazy to me how Trump was pacing like he was on crack. At one point I feared for Hilary’s life. I believe most all politicians over promise and under perform on their public duties. Trump needs the 12 steps of social etiquette. We are not electing Rick James as super freak, but all these Trump accusations make it seem so.

Trump supporters seem to have a misconstrued point of view on Black culture and American life. America’s social and political aspirations are supposed to be inclusive to all the nationalities in America, whether we agree with them or not. With the groping charges and incompetency with politics Trump supporters have a lot of nerve to think he can “Make America great again.”

With the tug of war between Donald and Hilary, there’s no wonder that America has become a country divided between the haves and have nots. It’s high noon, and Clinton needs to come on with the substance and let Donald play in the mud by himself.

People are struggling for basic survival in U.S. cities. The American people are hungry for Hilary or Donald to carve in their minds how their policies will help with their bottom lines.

Hilary has her baggage, but who doesn’t? Trump lives by the pirate code, and that’s steal everything he can and give nothing back. We have a choice, Black people, to put our political goals front and center if we vote for Hilary. At least in her 30 years we know she has helped some people, while Donald has only helped himself over that same time period.


Willie lives in Minneapolis.