New partnership announced to weatherize historic Glendale Townhomes

Photo courtesy of Minneapolis Public Housing Authority

Sustainable Resources Center, Inc. (SRC), CenterPoint Energy, and the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) are pleased to announce a partnership to pursue weatherization and energy-efficiency improvements to Glendale Townhomes.

Glendale is a development of 184 family townhomes in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis. It was built in 1952, making it the oldest major public housing property in Minneapolis. “These townhomes were built without many of the features and materials we would use today to best protect against our Minnesota winters,” said Mary Boler, MPHA’s managing director of Low Income Public Housing. “The enhancements we can put in place over time, with these partners, should help us improve interior comfort and create real energy savings.”

The process started in April with selection of one of Glendale’s eight-unit townhome buildings for an initial pilot. Following a kick-off meeting with residents, SRC will conduct an energy audit of the building, identifying priorities for each unit, and begin the work. Lessons learned from the pilot will inform the approach to the remaining buildings.

“I am delighted to know that SRC, MPHA, and CenterPoint Energy will be working together to bring needed weatherization and heating resources to the Glendale Townhomes,” said Minneapolis City Council Member Gordon, whose Ward 2 includes Glendale. “This energy and money-saving investment will help ensure safer, more comfortable, more energy-efficient homes for the residents of this wonderful, close-knit community for years to come.”

SRC provides free home energy upgrades to hundreds of income-eligible homeowners and renters in Hennepin County each year. “Not only does the work permanently reduce energy bills, it also improves the health, safety, and comfort of residents,” said SRC’s Executive Director Jed Norgaarden. “We are happy to have worked through the unique set of hurdles presented by this particular project, and look forward to getting started.”

The weatherization and energy-efficiency measures will likely include wall and attic insulation, weather-stripping of doors and windows, and caulking at critical junctures. Additional enhancements could include cleaning, repair, or replacement of furnaces, water heaters, and vent fans, as well as installing smart thermostats and LED light bulbs.

“We have worked hard and faced considerable expense over the years to keep Glendale, like all of our properties, as comfortable as possible all throughout the year,” said MPHA’s Director of Facilities and Development Tim Gaetz. “In the coming months, we will be exploring how we can leverage this unique, three-way partnership to continue that commitment to the residents of Glendale.”

Financial support for the project will come from CenterPoint Energy and the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Weatherization Assistance Program” (WAP), which is administered by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

“We are pleased to be able to support this worthwhile project through our Conservation Improvement Programs,” said Todd Berreman, director of Energy Efficiency for CenterPoint Energyç


This information was provided by Jeff Horwich MPHA Communications Manager, Minneapolis Public Housing Authority