Blak Business Spotlight: Grade A Security guards earn trust, respect

Dwight Hobbes John Moore

They do it by being culturally competent professionals

Security guards aren’t generally regarded as Black folk’s best friends. When you’re out shopping, for instance, who characteristically is watching way too close to make sure you’re not shoplifting? Even if you’re not behaving suspiciously?

Not, of course, that there aren’t thieves of all colors, but it certainly goes a long way toward equal treatment when guards aren’t biased to begin with. This is simply one plus provided by Grade A Security, whose CEO/President John Moore understands the importance of being vigilant in protecting an establishment’s interests while also acting in fairness toward individuals.

In fact, that sort of respect, given impartially and objectively, is an excellent means of offering premier customer service. People appreciate the effort and return with repeat business.

Successful in the business over the past decade, headed up by former corrections officer Moore with 30-plus years working security, the firm operates in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and offers a strong variety of services, including the corporate sector, security work, executive protection and personal protection for celebrities. Whatever the event, Grade A Security staff can and does handle it — to clients’ expressed satisfaction.

A partial listing: public and private events, parties, technical facilities, individual and VIP escorts. Additionally, the company does alarm response for commercial and residential customers and unlawful detainer service for property management.

An underlying consideration in this case is that John Moore’s operation, in addition to being a premier business, is indeed a community asset because he is that exceptional headman in charge, a community-minded professional who wants the best for himself and for others.

“I was raised during the Civil Rights Movement,” Moore says. “My dad was field director of the NAACP in Mississippi. I learned from him that as long you’re able to help somebody you should.”

Claude Maddox, director of recovery support services for the mental and chemical health agency Resource, Inc., says Grade A lives up to its name. “As part of outpatient, substance abuse treatment, we…provide safe recovery housing. Grade A Security’s presence helps deter unsafe activity, and they are a strong third party [working] effectively with emergency services or law enforcement as necessary.”

Reflecting on the fact that Resource’s clientele are largely African American, Maddox adds, “Their staff are culturally responsive, which is critical for working with our community members. [They] generate respect and trust.”

Moore comments, “There are things [about] Black culture other people don’t understand and don’t want to understand. You can’t send [someone] White in my community to do my job. If you can’t communicate with people you won’t have anything.”

That, he points out, is regardless of race. “I don’t care what color you are. I can deal with anybody.” Which isn’t always the answer to everything.

Important as cultural competence can be, Moore’s first priority is professionalism. “You have to be professional whether the other person conducts himself or herself accordingly. I approach them, ‘Excuse me, sir’ or ‘Excuse me, ma’am’. That’s the best way.

“Swearing and screaming and shouting doesn’t work, because if you have two people swearing and screaming at each other, nothing gets solved.” Ultimately, there comes a time when that professionalism includes having to physically turn someone away or, in extreme cases, subdue an individual.

“When the time comes to put your foot down, you have to stand on it. Or they’ll take advantage.”

In the end, John Moore’s personality and approach toward the profession is reflected by his staff. You’ll find they are courteous to all and don’t mind sharing a friendly word or two. At all times, though, they are mindful that they’re on duty.

As Moore puts it, “I like working with people, being around them. There are times, though, when I simply have to do my job.”

Learn more about Grade A Security at www.gradeasecur

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