The natural healing path to wellness


Brandi Phillips was rolling collard green wraps, the making of which she had demonstrated for Sister Spokesman’s “Keep It Movin’ Health Fair” when she stopped to chat with the MSR.

Phillips’ company, the Wellife 360 LLC, boasts a holistic path to getting in shape and maintaining good health. She described herself as an entrepreneur and a “healthy living life coach that specializes in healthy eating, fitness, mental health and herbs.”

Her healthy living journey began long before she made a career out of it. She joined school sports and dance as young as five as well as practicing yoga at 9 years old. She reminisced about a father who encouraged her to be physically fit and led by example as he “ran around Lake Calhoun [Bde Maka Ska].”

She stressed the importance of being a role model to young people, or as she endearingly put it, “They don’t know. They’re little babies in the world and they’re just going off what we show them.”

She started her professional health journey in 2000 as a group fitness instructor, teaching in churches, schools and community clubs and organizations. As her career grew, she moved away from doing strictly physical training and became more interested in the healing power of herbs around 2004 in her personal life and in 2017 professionally.

Phillips spoke candidly about her interest in learning about healing through herbs and the personal trial and family tragedy that inspired her: first her brother-in-law Donavee Chappelle told her he had Stage 4 cancer, and then she struggled with her infertility.

Chappelle had been fighting cancer for seven years prior, but it had escalated. Phillips thought the healing power of herbs could aid his condition. “The problem,” she said, “was that my brother didn’t want to change his lifestyle [with food and exercise].”

But not every personal endeavor was fruitless; during her presentation she received several calls from her young daughters.

Phillips has continued her study of natural healers in the midst of tragedy and triumph. And because of that, she has been able to produce a line of detox teas, lemonades and capsules that she said can help cleanse and rejuvenate your body.

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