Get Fit Challenge: Tips for maintaining your holistic health

Courtesy of Getty Images

When trying to live a more healthy and well-rounded life, it is important to focus on more aspects than your physical appearance. Yes, our hair, our nails, weight, and clothes are all important. However, the inside has to match the outside.

As we end this journey of the Sister Spokesman “Get Fit” Challenge, brought to you by Wellife 360, we want to remind you to focus on the whole person. As we journey toward increased wellness, mental (intellectual), physical, spiritual, and social wellness are keys to our complete wellness.

In terms of weight, it may be close to impossible to lose, gain, or maintain it, if we do not check the other key holistic health factors mentioned above. So, let’s explore how focusing on all aspects of your health is beneficial to achieve your desired weight.

Mental (Intellectual) – This a two-fold approach. What we think and what we choose to learn on our journey counts. If we consistently tell ourselves we cannot do something, it will be much harder to accomplish. Also, if we’re not open to explore and try new things, pay attention to our body, and logically put together a formula that works for us, we will not be able to reach our weight goals.

Physical – This is an aspect that many of us focus on. We consistently do more, or fewer, workouts. We buy gadgets and gimmicks. We look to makeup and movie stars to help us look more beautiful. Truth is, unless you take a close look in the mirror at your body and design a plan (or get a professional fitness plan), your weight goals may never be reached.

Spiritual – Most of us neglect this area of our whole self the most. The spirit is what dwells within us, and our emotions are what come out of our internal spiritual life.

But as humans, we tend to focus on the emoting. If we take the time to look within and find things that feed our spirit, things that bring us joy and feel safe, it will show on the outside. Also, the more we stress, the more our bodies maintain and retain cortisol levels in the body, leading to more stored fat.

Social – What does socializing have to do with losing weight? First, it helps you feel happier and connected, feeding your spirit and producing good emotions because you are getting out and mixing and mingling. Second, by being social, you may meet new people who are on a similar healthy living or weight loss journey.

Overall, in order to reach our healthy weight potential, we must look at the whole person, instead of just one aspect of ourselves. No matter what your health or weight goals, you should pay attention to all aspects of your life so that your whole person can be happy, healthy, and strong.