Local author shows how to ‘change your life in 30 days’

Dr. Verna Price
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With the New Year in full swing, what better time than now to make a positive change in your life? For those of us who are still on the fence about how to get started, one Twin Cities empowerment coach has launched a new program that can help you achieve your goals in just 30 days.

Dr. Verna Price, author and self-proclaimed human potential expert, recently released her latest book, Change Your Life in 30 Days: Your Path to Power and Leadership. The book is a day-by-day, step-by-step approach to creating successful changes in your life.

For the past three decades, Price said she has traveled the world giving workshops and seminars to help people live their best lives. In that time, she’s given hundreds of talks to thousands of people about the importance of achieving excellence.

“My passion in life is to help you become your most excellent self,” said Dr. Price. “So many people don’t live their excellent life. I’m not just talking about making money, either.  Some people make a lot of money and they are unhealthy, sad, and pathetic […] I’m talking about your holistic self.

“My purpose is to help you look at yourself and find your excellence in who you are. I just want people to be better — whatever fancy name you can use for that, it doesn’t matter to me.”

But, while crisscrossing the globe helping everyone else, Dr. Price realized she was spending less and less time with her own family and not living in her own excellence.

“What I found myself doing was spending a lot of my time and energy individually working with people and coaching them on how to change their lives,” admitted Dr. Price. “I was constantly traveling in order to do that. But, then I said, ‘Wait a minute! I have a 10-year-old at home. I can’t run around the world. I’ve got to stay younger longer and I’ve got to be a good parent and a good wife.’”

That’s where the book Changing Your Life in 30 Days came in. Soon after, she launched an accompanying online personal coaching platform which lets users log on to her site for one-on-one access to her teaching tools and strategies to live their best life.

“You can get on my website and change your life from anywhere in the world, any time you want, and any day you want,” said Price. “You don’t have to wait until January to make a resolution to be a new you.”

The TED Talk speaker said it’s like having her as their own personal coach.

“When you access this series online, it’s kind of like getting me for 30 days,” she said. “Every day you get access to me, my spirit, my work, my 30 years of experience helping people change their lives for the better. I’m not leaving you out there by yourself. You can expect tools. Just like I’m talking to you now, I’m talking to them every day online through video and audio. I’m giving them exercises to work through.”

Dr. Price said one of the most important parts of the program is holding users accountable. “People can expect a very deliberate structured process [on the platform]. Every day I’m holding you accountable. Most people don’t change because people need accountability — accountability is built into the program. I am so serious about this.

“We have designed the online program so that you cannot skip a day,” added Dr. Price. “You can’t skip from day 1 to day 17 because change is a process. The program is designed so you have access codes to get to the next day. Because I’m a teacher, I’m not going to let you go to the next day without you doing your homework.”

At the heart of the program, though, is a four-letter word that powers Dr. Price’s passion for helping others: love.

“And then there is also plain old love and caring for people. I care about people and I care about them changing. I want every person in the world to understand their personal power to learn to lead their lives.”

Dr. Price said she not only wants to help people do better, but she also hopes her message of change can help corporations flourish.

“I would love it if a company put their entire team through the online program. If you own a business and you want to empower your employees, go on there to send me a note or an e-mail,” she said. “I am here to help you change how you love yourself, how you love your family, how you love your community. That’s really what I help people do. I just love it when I help people get empowered.”

For more information, visit drvernaprice.com.

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  1. Sounds like an absolutely amazing book and I think I will pick up a copy myself. I love it when people like Verna use their talents and skills to help others and she is right people do live a compromised lifestyle nowadays. It is hard for them to make changes to their lives as they get stuck in relationships and jobs thinking they might get better. When as Verna says you have take life and do everything possible to keep smiling, share love, share kindness and fun and laughter will follow. i think sometimes the material things in life just do not matter, what does is sharing times with friends and laughing but everyone seems so busy nowadays. But hopefully anyone picking up the book will be able to change those habits for life. I hope it is a great success and wish you all the best for the future Scott

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