Trump’s latest lawsuit further divides Congress

President Donald Trump has brought his penchant for lawsuits to the steps of the U.S. House of Representatives. On April 22, Trump’s private attorneys filed suit against the House’s Oversight Committee — chaired by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) — and Trump’s own accounting firm in an attempt to prevent his financial records from being released to the public.

How will a Trump v. House of Representatives case go? As I said in a previous column two weeks ago, Trump is going to wear down the stamina and the energy of the courts. This is being done at the same time that Democratic members of Congress have determined the path of multiple investigations and, potentially, impeachment. That is what Trump’s case will ultimately be about.

But, will the combination of these paths shred the Constitution and create more division? Will the Federal District Court represent a greater support platform for the president than the Congress and the American public?

Our country is sorely divided and its stability is at stake. This does not bode well for either the nation’s unity or for preserving the importance and efficacy of the Constitution — especially if either party sacrifices “we the people” for “we the party,” and hold “life” and “liberty” and “the pursuit of happiness” for one side and not for the other side.

Those who wish to tinker with what we call the United States of America must first offer a prayer for strength and guidance for how and for which path. 

As he tinkers, the president continues to say the U.S. economy and military are as strong as they have ever been in our history. Will this last under Trump? Can the Democrats’ actions bring the country together to make the good news long lasting and not temporary? Is this nation tough enough, strong enough, committed enough and honest enough to show the courage to bring the nation back together again? 

These questions are about both parties and about who will be pushed to the back of the prosperity bus. This is evident in Star Tribune’s April 24, 2019 headline: “Lowest income-Minnesotans hit hardest by Gov. Tim Walz”as it relates to his proposed budget.

 Trump seems to expect the Federal District Court to vote in favor of his case — if it moves forward — nullifying the voices of Cummings and the oversight committee. However, the votes that will truly judge this case will be the millions of voters who vote in the election of 2020.

Let’s be candid about the upcoming election: The Republicans and Democrats have already

made their bets about which path to take. Yet, I see no contender in the Democratic Party nor any challenger in the Republican Party who is prepared to provide the leadership this country so desperately needs for not just short-term, but long-term results.

Americans have long had the confidence that someone would step up to take the challenge and be victorious. My chilling feeling is that the messenger we await will not arrive this election.

Stay tuned.