Chris Tucker is aging like fine wine

Courtesy of Mystic Lake Casin Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker’s performance at the Mystic Lake Casino last week was part stand-up, part one-man theater, and a whole lotta funny.

His performance proved that the 48-year-old is an ageless wonder who can still bring lots of energy to his act. After his opening dance routine in which he mimicked some of Michael Jackson’s old moves, he stopped and addressed the audience: “Man, I’m tired; why y’all didn’t stop me?” he said in that old Smokey cadence.

Speaking of his “Friday” character, Tucker riffed on the show that brought him his initial popularity. He said the Deebo character was really crazy and chased the cast throughout the filming. Tucker said they were running and screaming, “Deebo, you are overacting, man!”

Most of the material was fresh, but he did revive the jokes about hanging out with Jackson. He told the story, like only Tucker can, about how Jackson discouraged him from singing along with him and Barry Gibb while at Gibbs’ home. “No, Chris, no!” (in Jackson’s voice).

He covered all kinds of subjects that people could relate to and made them funny. He said the airport security felt him up and then had the nerve to ask for an autograph. He said he told the agent, “Didn’t you get enough of me earlier?!”

Tucker also recounted getting pulled over by the police. “Sir, why were you speeding?” the cop asked. Tucker deadpanned, “Because I didn’t see you, that’s why, and why were you hiding?”

Leaving no stone unturned, Tucker even picked on the Black church, which many comedians find easy pickings. He said that the church caused him to lose one of his White friends when they didn’t get out of his church service for a week.

Tucker’s imitation of Ron Isley singing about how he was going to kick Wesley Snipes’ butt for bad tax advice was hilarious. He was also a dead ringer for Trump explaining why the Iranian general was killed by the U.S. His “not a good guy, a very bad guy” was classic Trump.

His physical humor had the crowd nearly in tears. His imitation of the guerilla dragging the little boy around who fell in the guerilla pit in Cincinnatti was second to none. And he followed it up with a contrast of Black mothers and White mothers, which was a scream. Tucker said the White mom would be hysterical trying to get the kid out of the pit, while the Black mother would be like, “That will teach him” and point out “I got other kids!”

Tucker’s Sidney Poitier impression was also on the money. He consulted Poitier about what was happening to Bill Cosby. “I know, brother [in Poitier’s voice], you better get your s–t together.” The crowd roared as he imitated the iconic actor using arm and body movements synonymous with Poitier’s famous roles.

Tucker has withstood the test of time and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.