U.S./corporate COVID response a crime against humanity

Last week it was revealed that an election judge in Chicago died who had been working the Illinois primary in March. He did not have to die. But his death and the deaths and sickness of hundreds of thousands of workers in the U.S. were caused by what can only be described as criminal neglect at the least and at worst, crimes against humanity by the sociopathic corporate cartels and the U.S. government.

This government and the captains of industry, the corporate cartels, have put working people on par with slavery. But at least the slave owners had to keep the slaves alive!

Most of the U.S. public is in shock, while others are acting like lunatics insisting that they be allowed to party and risk “other” people’s lives with their irresponsible behavior. But when the shock wears off there will be lots of regrets and lawsuits because the incompetence of the present administration, the demands of capitalism, and the callous indifference by many bosses will surely make them liable.

Their response to this crisis is nothing short of immoral.
Only sociopaths who lack the ability to identify with human needs would have put human beings in harm’s way for an election.

The state of Illinois, the Democratic National Committee and the government knew the risk of holding an election in the middle of a pandemic, but nevertheless knowingly risked the lives of others to carry out their agenda, ultimately putting lives at risk.

Just as unbelievable they continued with their elections in April, yet again putting lives at risk. And for what: a contest between two sociopaths?

Truth is there should be no election but rather a referendum on what kind of government we want, either one that is for us and by us or one that in emergencies will leave us to fend for ourselves.

Incredibly, some well off, well-educated sociopaths have made the news suggesting as Indiana Rep. Trey Hollingsworth has that, “In the choice between the loss of our way of life as Americans and the loss of life, of American lives, we have to always choose the latter.”
That statement can only be categorized as sick, twisted and demented.

Their indifference included the elderly, many who have served their country and this society in honorable ways, raising future workers and responsible and effectual human beings. They, too, proved expendable as the U.S. dragged its feet refusing to provide adequate testing while refusing to prioritize them despite it being widely known of their particular vulnerability to this disease. Many of their operators refused to spend a dime to protect them as they died like flies in nursing homes.

And their attendants, mainly Black, Brown and immigrants, who take marvelous care and take pride in their work for their senior clients, are dropping as well because well, they just are not high enough in the pecking order.

At last count, at least 41 New York transit workers have died simply because they were trying to do their job. Service workers suddenly became soldiers bravely taking risks on our behalf, said the sociopaths and many of us nodded in agreement.

But the mailmen signed up to deliver the mail, not to put their lives at risk. The transit workers signed up to drive the bus or the train not to risk their lives. The sanitation workers signed up to get rid of our garbage not to put their lives on the line. Factory workers signed up to deliver goods and make a living not to put their lives on the line.
And the deplorable corporate heads have had the nerve to call grocery store workers “heroes” as their workers took all the risks, while they raked in all of the profits.

Few showed the concern for the well-being of their workers as did Relinda Vasquez, the owner of Bravo Supermarket in Little Haiti in Miami who paid for face shields, masks and gloves for her workers out of her own pocket.

And shame on us; we did not use our buying power to insist that we would shop only at stores that provided personal protection equipment to its workers. Amazingly some store chains refused to allow their workers to wear face masks for fear it would scare away customers. This is nothing short of CRIMINAL!

It’s obvious this privatized system of healthcare does not work in the case of a national medical emergency. And the heads of many of these systems have behaved criminally as well absolutely refusing to do all that they could to make sure that frontline workers who were daily coming face to face with the COVID-19 disease were protected.

As a result, hundreds of frontline healthcare workers have contracted the novel coronavirus and dozens have died. Imagine that dying in a situation that was totally preventable. But greed and just plain old indifference has cost the lives of valuable health care personnel.

Who really believes the US government could not have used its industrial strength and capability to manufacture face shields, N95 masks, gloves and body covering needed to protect these workers, these professionals, these human beings?

And Black people, as usual, have disproportionately been victimized by this evil, enabled by the disease COVID-19 because of pre-existing health issues brought on by the condition of living Black in America.

If we survive this plague, Black people should be at the front of the line along with the rest of the US working class to bring its case before The Hague the World Court, charging the US, Wall Street, the corporate cartel and its thought-leaders with crimes against humanity!