Black Business Spotlight: Omari Brow Studio

Brow expert carries on family’s entrepreneurial spirit

The ambiance in Syreeta Seve’s Omari Brow Studio is peaceful, tranquil and adorned with plush decor—an ideal setting for a moment of self-care.

Seve has worked hard to become an entrepreneur, educator and master brow artist. With over 10 years of experience, she has mastered the art of arching and shaping well-defined eyebrows. “Self-care is important; it has been my philosophy since day one,” said Seve.

Her journey took her from her hometown of Detroit, Michigan, to the Twin Cities in 2008. “When I got to Minnesota, there weren’t a lot of brow specialty studios. I’ve been doing brows since I left Michigan.” As a result, she was inspired and compelled to fulfill a market niche.

In an effort to master her craft, Seve graduated from Michigan College of Beauty and from St. Paul College. She recalled, “I am alumni of NDC. I went through their entrepreneur program, utilizing their resources helped me grow my business.” As a result, years later in 2015, Seve created the Omari Brow Studio.

The business has been operating in its current location on Selby Avenue in St. Paul since 2018. “I was driving down the street and this place was available. Since then, smooth sailing,” said Seve.

There’s a special meaning behind the business name, “Omari is my father’s name. He passed away when I was six,” Seve explained. “He was an entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial spirit stayed with me.” Now she carries on his legacy as she serves in the capacity of a business owner.

Seve possesses a strong work ethic and drive, and her mother serves as a source of inspiration. “As a child of a baby boomer, she lived through the Detroit riots,” said Seve. She said she is inspired by her mother’s drive to be successful. Also, “I’m a single mother of two beautiful brown boys. I’m called on to show up for my kids just like my business,” said Seve.

Although Seve is busy operating the business, she makes sure to take time to achieve work-life balance. She has found one extracurricular activity, in particular, that she enjoys and enables her to take a break from the daily grind. “I roller skate,” she said. “I skate a couple times per week. [It’s] a newfound thing for me. I revisited it. I have to build it into my schedule.”

Ashley Lauren/MSR Omari’s on Selby

She shared advice for the youth. “One thing is to stay present because there are forces that want to distract the youth. Be strong in your mindfulness to make decisions. Be present and love yourself.”

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of running a business, Seve said it has to be “seeing my team grow and step into their own. Seeing them realize their own gifts.” Everyone works together to ensure customers have a pleasant experience. “I want customers and youth to feel empowered.”

Omari Brow Studio has a small team consisting of two talented professionals. Nia Ford is a threading artist/lash technician, and Arianna Newstrand is an esthetician/front desk receptionist. They are both focused on creating a positive and welcoming experience for clients.

Like many small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused its share of setbacks for the shop, causing the business to close for three months. “I lost out on revenue,” Seve said.

But although unexpected challenges have transpired, she has been patient and optimistic and Omari Brow Studio re-opened for business. Now everyone is required to wear a mask and team members also work staggered shifts.

In the future, individuals will have an opportunity to learn about the art of eyebrow threading. “I’m really excited about offering classes,” said Seve. “The eyebrow threading classes are self-paced and will be available in digital format.” Upon completion of courses, individuals will receive certification.

Out of all the services they have to offer, eyebrow threading is the most popular. “People love to get their eyebrows threaded because it doesn’t require any chemicals. We only use thread,” explained Seve. Threading is a non-invasive procedure geared toward removing hair without pain.

The Omari Brow Studio offers exemplary hair removal services and a line of its own products. Services include waxing, threading, makeup application, eyelash lifts, extensions and tinting.

They also offer their own line of high quality, signature products. Clients can purchase “Omari Brow Studio” powder, pencils, brushes, tweezers and lash growth serums. Great products for self-care.

“We’re here and we’re not going anywhere,” said Seve. She encourages individuals to book an appointment 24 hours a day, seven days a week on

The Omari Brow Studio is located at 1050 Selby Avenue in St. Paul. The hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday 9:30 am-8:30 pm, and Saturday 9:30 am-6:00 pm.