Black Business Spotlight: The Donut Trap by Sssdude-Nutz

Submitted Bradley Taylor (l) is now selling his colorful donuts at farmers markets

The shop’s flavors are as unforgettable as its name

Bradley Taylor’s The Donut Trap By Sssdude-Nutz is known for its signature square-shaped doughnuts. Taylor currently sells them with his team via a food truck throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.

The doughnuts are as colorful as the business’ unique name. Taylor explained that The Donut Trap signifies customers being trapped by their delectable doughnuts. It also exemplifies Taylor’s ambition and humble hustle of “making it out of my apartment—slanging doughnuts out of my apartment,” said Taylor.

As a youth, Taylor had difficulty pronouncing doughnuts. He explained, “Sssdude-Nutz came from my inability to speak because I had a retainer in my mouth and it came out slurred. People made fun of me and I rolled with it,” said Taylor. He embraced who he was and stayed focused.

Taylor’s journey began in Compton, California. He moved to the Twin Cities in 2011 in an effort to further his education. Upon his arrival, he began attending the University of Minnesota, where he obtained a degree.

Taylor spent time exploring and searching for the best doughnuts throughout the Twin Cities. As a result, he felt compelled to create his own. At first he made them for himself. But after creating the perfect recipe, he started to sell the flavorful, aesthetically pleasing and plush doughnuts to customers.

Taylor said he drew inspiration for his square doughnuts from Wendy’s fast-food restaurant’s square patties. He followed suit and developed his trademark doughnuts. Also, “With a square doughnut, you actually get more doughnut,” said Taylor.

The dream came into fruition during 2015 when Taylor first decided to open an Sssdude-Nutz shop in Dinkytown. The business created a lot of buzz on the U of M campus. Taylor gave away complimentary samples to college students, which proved to be a clever marketing strategy. He developed a loyal customer base.

Later on, in 2016 Taylor’s business was acknowledged by “Thrillist” as one of the “Best Donut Shops in the Twin Cities.” Although business was a major success, Taylor chose to close the shop in 2017 and launch the Donut Trap by Sssdude-Nutz Food Truck. It proved to be a good business move. He was able to expand the company’s reach and spread more positive vibes throughout Minnesota.

Two years later, in 2019 Taylor was featured on the Cooking Channel’s “Food Truck Nation.”
“It was very eye opening,” said Taylor, “I loved it.” The television debut was an enlightening experience for Taylor and also strengthened his brand.

The Donut Trap offers tasty doughnuts with unique names and alluring flavors. Customers especially love the raised doughnuts made with a layer of buttercream frosting and coated in Fruity Pebbles.

More fan favorites include “No Flex Zone,” which is created with a smooth buttercream frosting and embellished with a layer of crumbled Oreos. Taylor also noted that “50 Tyson” was a hot seller. It’s a Reese’s Peanut Butter donut, adorned with sweet chocolate.

Customers can also pair their doughnuts with refreshing cold pressed coffee. “Cold press actually came from naturally pairing brews with doughnuts,” said Taylor. It’s a perfect marriage of flavors.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns, Taylor took a break from February to June of 2020, and over the last few months his business has been significantly impacted. “We were already booked up. Just to see it all go away is disheartening at first,” said Taylor. “You got to evolve with the times. Pivot with farmer’s markets.”

In an effort to overcome the disruption in business, he decided to shift to catering and working out of the food truck. He said, “I’m honing in on farmers’ markets.” Now, customers can find the Donut Trap By Sssdude-Nutz Truck at various farmers’ markets on Saturdays. Be advised, however, that the doughnuts sell out quickly, so it’s beneficial to arrive early.

“Making an impact” is the most rewarding aspect of the job, said Taylor. He aspires to inspire others through his entrepreneurial success. “I want people to know there’s a Black dude out here getting it and making it in a legal way,” he said.

Taylor advised young people that they “kind of have to be fearless. Don’t be afraid to take an L [a loss]. The thing that holds them back is criticism. You really gonna let that stop you from doing something awesome? Don’t be scared.”

The Donut Trap By Sssdude-Nutz Food Truck can be found at various farmers’ markets.

The Donut Trap By Sssdude-Nutz Food Truck can be found at various farmer’s markets. Hours vary so check or the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages by using the handle @thedonuttrap or call 612-915-0010.