Black Business Spotlight: Princess Paige Lemonade

Top secret recipe spreads the love

Princess Paige Lemonade is the creation of one seven-year-old entrepreneur on a mission to make positive change throughout the Twin Cities. There’s an inspiring backstory to the business.

Paige’s father, Tyrone Raino, said, “She first set up shop in front of our church, Real Believers Faith Center, located at 2010 Fremont,” in North Minneapolis, he recalled. The Princess Paige Lemonade business was officially launched on June 8, 2019. From that special moment, the business flourished into a successful—and sweet—lemonade enterprise.

Many may not know about the intricate and special process that goes into making the delightful and citrus-infused beverage that Princess Paige developed with help from her grandmother, a one-of-a-kind, signature lemonade. They worked as a team and formulated a top secret recipe made with love.

Her father Raino explained that no one, including him, is allowed to access their space while they are working—Princess Paige Lemonade is serious business. After Paige and her supportive grandmother finish creating the lemonade, it’s distributed into bottles and jugs. Demand for the lemonade is growing, but the supply is limited.

The unique experience as a “kidpreneur” has taught Paige invaluable lifelong lessons about running a business at her young age. “Now she’s branching off with her own ideas,” said Raino. “She loves it. She loves being bossy!”

Submitted photo Princess Paige’s lemonade stand

Unfortunately, the problematic COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down production. As a result, there’s a limited supply of Princess Paige Lemonade, but the demand remains high.

“Right now we can still do the gallons,” said Raino. They deliver locally.
The refreshing beverage has proven to be a sweet success, with the brand gaining attention from various news outlets. Although Paige loves making and selling her lemonade, she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Paige also inspired her talented and gifted friend Ari Ella, a young author who has published a total of two books: “Princess Paige Lemonade” and “Ella & Kay Kay.” The storybooks are illustrated by Milena Matic. The content is educational and inspirational, and customers can purchase the books online.

Although there have been unexpected setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve continued to fulfill orders for lemonade and plan on growing the business. In the future, customers can expect to see more unique products.

For example, they are currently working on lemonade lip gloss and an inspirational clothing line titled “Better Together,” a fashionable brand that will represent unity in the face of the civil unrest in the community.

Raino also has plans to build a “5 Star Lemonade Lounge.” He wants to use the lounge as a way to provide youth with a hands-on learning experience about running a business. Youth will have an opportunity to learn about cashiering, customer service skills, financial literacy, filling out an application, and what it takes to run a business.

Most recently, Princess Paige Lemonade became the official beverage sponsor for a local sports team known as the Minnesota Hoopers. Raino recently became the coach of the 9th- and 10th-grade boys’ basketball team. He said, “A small percentage of what Princess makes is donated to the team. Instead of Gatorade, they’ll drink Princess Paige Lemonade for their games. They love it.”

Submitted photo Princess Paige

Entrepreneurship builds character and can teach youth about what it takes to be successful. Attitude is an essential component. “I want her to get into more social skills,” Raino said of his enterprising daughter.

“It’s important to get kids involved. Lemonade is something she can do in her free time. She started gymnastics when she was five. You have to start them young.” He emphasized the need for the community to invest in the youth.

As a result, Raino will be launching an organization called the “Young Boss Association” in the near future. “These kids are so smart, but a lot of them lack confidence,” he said. He’s dedicated to educating and uplifting youth throughout the Twin Cities.

Princess Paige Lemonade will be a featured guest at the Second Annual Youngpreneur Pop-Up Fair, hosted by Ice Cream Bow Ties and Aniki Allen. The special event is scheduled to take place on October 31, 2020, from 12-4 pm, at 967 Payne Ave. in St. Paul.

Princess Paige and her father offer this advice to young dreamers: “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.”

Currently, Princess Paige Lemonade can be purchased by placing an order over the phone—call 612-403-9815. The products are also available at Dollar & Up, K’s Grocery and Deli, So-Lows Grocery Outlet, and Now Mart.

For more info, visit the Princess Paige Lemonade Facebook page.