Black Business Spotlight: Redmon’s Popcorn

Photo by Ashley Lauren

Redmon’s Popcorn is poppin’ with unique flavors

Local businessman Zack Redmon is the owner of Redmon’s Popcorn, located in New Hope. The nostalgic popcorn shop is truly one-of-a-kind, welcoming, and filled with delicious, gourmet popcorn. The flavors are unique, outstanding, and unforgettable.

Redmon is originally from Gary, Indiana. “We moved here in ’95,” he said, “after my cousin passed to get away from all the turmoil and destruction that was around us at the time. So, my mom moved us up here.” He added, “I grew up in Brooklyn Center—since then, just in the local area.”

Before Redmon launched the popcorn shop, he spent time investing in his education. He said, “I was in culinary school for a year and a half. I stopped and went to barbering school.” He obtained a barber’s license in 2010.

Three years later, in 2013, Redmon began to establish his unique popcorn business. At that time, “I was going constant for a year,” he said. He took a break from operating the business to take care of family matters.

Redmon recently chose to relaunch the business and resumed the creation of his flavorful medley of popcorn. The signature line of popcorn has become very popular, prompting Redmon to find a space to showcase his business.

He recalled, “I started making it again in August of last year and I started selling it out of my truck, and I was like, I gotta get a space.” The outpouring of support motivated him to pursue his dreams.  “When we moved to the spot everything’s been good.”

Photo by Ashley Lauren

At first, he was hesitant to sign the lease due to fear of failure, but he chose to fearlessly pursue his dream.

Redmon’s popcorn shop recently opened in February. When customers arrive at the shop, they can expect exceptional customer service and a variety of uniquely flavored popcorn. Patrons should be made aware that Redmon’s Popcorn is nestled in an upscale suite, on the first level of the building. An alluring aroma of fresh popcorn will serve as a guide.

During our interview, customers visited and took time to inquire about all of the varieties of popcorn available for purchase. The visitors were excited about the exclusive flavors and bought a plethora of mouthwatering products. Patrons can also purchase beverages, candy, and aprons that display the business name.

Customers have a variety of flavors to choose from Banana Pudding, Butterfinger, Cheese Pizza, Cheesy Parmesan Garlic, Classic Cheese Mix, Cookies and Cream, Double Trouble, Hot Barbecue, Hot Cheetos, Spicy Jerk, Puppy Chow, and Strawberry Wafer.

Photo courtesy of Redmon's Popcorn

Although there are a lot of unforgettable flavors to choose from, “Hot barbecue and Double Trouble are my two favorites,” said Redmon. To further explain, “Double Trouble” has “caramel corn covered with cheese.” He describes it as, “The evil twin of cheese and caramel.” The price ranges from $2-$10.

Redmon has a passion for cooking and creating delicious new flavors. He shared that he enjoys cooking with his mother. “When she comes to visit, me and her spend hours in the kitchen, that’s our thing—we bake, talk; that’s just what we do,” he said. He added, “I like cooking for people. There’s nothing like seeing somebody’s reaction.”

The ultimate goal of Redmon’s Popcorn is to build generational wealth. “My plan is to make this a franchise to where I can go out to Indiana and build something for my nephews,” said Redmon. He is focused on establishing himself so his family can be financially prosperous.

He added, “I’m learning to discipline myself more and be frugal. I like nice things, but right now, I just have to go with the bare minimum, because I see the bigger picture.” Saving money is essential toward achieving his goals and ensuring longevity in business.

Business isn’t all about making money, it’s about uplifting others. Redmon further expressed, “I give people free popcorn all the time because it doesn’t cost me anything but time.” In the future, he aspires to exercise social responsibility, by focusing on ways he can help uplift youth with disabilities.

Although business is thriving, there have been challenging moments. During the throes of the COVID pandemic, “Cutting hair was tough—I ran through my savings within a month,” said Redmon. He was forced to focus on ways to generate income. So, he reestablished the popcorn business.

An upside of the pandemic is that it fostered the concepts of collectivism and cooperative economics. Redmon elaborated, “A lot of us as Black folks have been sticking together more.” He is extremely grateful for the unity and support. The Minnesota Timberwolves also recently promoted his business.

Overall, the shift from barber to business owner has proven to be quite beneficial. Redmon also shared this advice for youth: “Figure out what makes you happy and go for it.” He added, “You have to take a leap of faith—strive for greatness.”

Redmon’s Popcorn is located at 2738 Winnetka Ave. N., Suite 150B in New Hope, MN. Business hours are Monday-Saturday, 11 am-5 pm. For more info, visit Facebook/Popcornking85 or call 763-458-7361.