Black Business Spotlight: DèStyle Hair Care

Submitted photo De Teyonce Graves
Local entrepreneur gets to the root of hair care

Many contact occupations like beautician and barber have been greatly affected since COVID-19. But Minneapolis-based hairstylist De Teyonce Graves’ unique approach to business and her passion that goes beyond just hair, has made all the difference for this local entrepreneur.

Graves is the owner of DèStyle Hair Care. While she is a licensed cosmetologist, her love for her craft began when she was very young. “I grew up in a hair salon; my mom does hair, too,” she said.

A one-woman-show, Graves is proficient in many areas, having worked with natural hair and perms, healthy hair care, and her personal favorite, hair coloring. “I love to give people drastic changes and allowing them to experience something new,” she shared.

DèStyle Hair Care is centered around not only making women look beautiful, but also elevating women’s entire hair experience, even beyond the salon, as she works to provide them with knowledge on how to care for their hair between visits. In this way, Graves promotes the longevity of hair health for each of her clients. “Everyone can’t make someone’s hair grow,” she said.

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When COVID-19 restrictions allow, Graves is stationed at J-Klips Barbershop in South Minneapolis.

When asked about how quarantine has affected her business, her answer may come as a surprise: “I love it; different things have changed since quarantine,” she said. COVID-19 created an opportunity for Graves to garner extra funding for her business from sources looking to support entrepreneurs like herself. She was even able to take on new clients whose previous beauticians could not return to business after the initial impact of the pandemic.

Now, Graves is focused on the core of her business, hair care. Another result of quarantine has been the opportunity for Graves to launch her own hair product DèStyle Hair Growth and Scalp Care Oil. While this was once a product that she used primarily with her own clients, she has recently discovered a larger demand for it. She unveiled an entirely new aspect of her business that perhaps would not have become a focal point except as a result of quarantine.

Graves has been able to leverage this new opportunity with ease, as marketing has been another one of her fortes as an entrepreneur. “Marketing is very important,” she said. “I didn’t like it as much when I was first getting started but [you must] market as much as you can,” she said.

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Graves shared some of her key hair tips:

  • Remember to treat both your scalp and your hair. Oil might treat your scalp, but you still must apply moisturizer to treat your hair.
  • Remember to wrap your hair. Don’t use cotton as this will dry your hair out. Try a bonnet, wraps, scarves, or even a silk pillowcase.
  • Hair is a process; be patient and gentle. You will see results over time with proper care.
  • If you wear natural hair, it is still important to have regular “check-ups” to get your hair professionally treated.

DeTeyonce Graves is currently taking on new clients while staying mindful of COVID-19 restrictions. To learn more about Graves or to book an appointment at DèStyle Hair Care, go to