Black Business Spotlight: Life Juices

Photo by Ashley Lauren Life Juices owner Kali Terry

Mobile juicery aims to enrich the community

 “Life Juices is about providing accessible nutrition to underserved communities,” said local entrepreneur Kali Terry of his mobile beverage company that is headquartered in Minneapolis.

Terry is committed to helping members of his community live healthier lifestyles. His entrepreneurial plight is also fueled by the food desert that many communities experience, where there’s a lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Terry grew up in South Minneapolis. He attended Roosevelt High School, MCTC, and Metropolitan State University.

Building a successful juice brand doesn’t happen overnight. Terry invested a wealth of time and energy to formulate the most stellar juice blends. He said, “There was some testing done in the community—I started doing pop-ups in 2018 at Appetite for Change and at Camden’s Farmer’s Market.” The nutritious juices were well-received by the community.

Terry elaborated on his experience working with Appetite for Change. “Every Monday we were doing a pop-up juice bar,” Terry said, “They would give me the whole cafe from like 7 am to 1 pm.” Terry collaborated with another local entrepreneur who created delicious breakfast burritos. Overall, he emphasized that he learned invaluable insight and knowledge from the pop-up shop experience.

He added, “That’s why I started this juice brand, because it’s a low barrier entry to health—a little lifestyle shift can have a big impact upon your overall health.” Terry is compassionate about inspiring others to become conscientious about their health and what they put into their bodies.

Terry continued, “Not everybody is going to become vegan or vegetarian but everyone is starting to implement those healthy habits and positive lifestyle changes.” In essence, health is wealth.

Operating a business requires hard work, patience, perseverance and grit. Terry signed up to sell his products at various farmer’s markets throughout the Twin Cities. The upscale LJ business has been growing at an exponential rate as his products fulfill a need.

The MSR visited the LJ pop-up shop on a sunny Saturday at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. Terry explained that he woke up early to prepare for the day. He said, “I had to get up at 5 am. I had to prep all day, the last two days.” The LJ business requires great discipline and dedication. 

Based upon observation, there was a constant flow of traffic at the Mpls. Farmer’s Market and customers seemed to be immediately drawn to LJ’s products. There was a variety of delightful, revitalizing, and refreshing juices to choose from.

Courtesy of Life Juices All the products have a specific purpose: to cleanse, restore, energize, boost immunity, strength, and longevity.

“We have six different flavors,” Terry said. Customers can purchase Invincibility, Protective Armor, Super Senses, Solar Energy, Hi Powered, and Xtra Invincibility. The juices are flavorsome and nutritious. All the products have a specific purpose: to cleanse, restore, energize, boost immunity, strength, and longevity.

Terry initially started out with three signature juice blends: Invincibility, Protective Armor, and Super Senses. “Those are like our cornerstone flavors,” he said. The customers at the Mpls Farmer’s Market were fascinated by the names of the juices, and the LJ inventory was almost depleted by noon.

Terry added, “I want people to feel like they’re getting superhero powers based on what you need for the day—you might want to throw on that protective armor.” There’s something for everyone. He ultimately aspires to give individuals “a sense of empowerment.”

Through “trial and error” Terry has successfully built the Life Juices (LJ) brand that offers a plethora of flavorful, enriching, and healthy beverages. Customers can expect an invigorating variety of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and protein shakes. Terry only utilizes high-quality, fresh, and organic ingredients. All of the juices are priced at $8 per bottle.

Furthermore, Terry is all about promoting health and wellness. He said, “Diet and lifestyle are the things we need to change.” There’s a growing need for more “wellness brands in our community,” says Terry.

From a business standpoint, “As we come into the marketplace, we have to be intentional about the brands—we have to have something that helps,” says Terry. He encourages budding entrepreneurs to become conscientious about the type of businesses they are offering in the community.

Terry placed an emphasis on the importance of implementing and building businesses that have a positive impact upon our community. The LJ mobile juicery focuses on uplifting and enriching the quality of life, especially for underserved and underrepresented populations.

Fortunately, the LJ business will be expanding territory in the future. Terry said, “I just bought a food truck three weeks ago.” Customers can look forward to a variation of fresh cold-pressed juice, smoothie bowls, and alkaline-infused products.

Terry shared advice for the youth: “Let’s start breaking those generational curses by instilling healthy habits, starting with diet and lifestyle.”

He added, “Do some self-inventory to figure out passions—do some entrepreneurship around those passions, and that’s getting back to conscientious entrepreneurship.”

For deliveries, customers can find the Life Juices App on Google Play & App Store. For more information, visit or call 612-245-7865.