Black Business Spotlight: Elements Heating and Cooling

Submitted photo Ladon Loggins

Local HVAC company aims to be ‘a pillar in the community’

“Determination, focus, sacrifice, studying, and having the right resources” are what local entrepreneur Ladon Loggins says it took to start his business. Loggins owns Elements Heating and Cooling, a Black-owned HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) business headquartered in North Minneapolis.

Entrepreneurship runs in the family. “My sister really inspired me to start my business,” said Loggins. “She started her cleaning business [Impact Cleaning] I’d say four years ago now, and she always told me business is the way to go.” Loggins listened to his sister’s entrepreneurial advice, and he’s grateful for the support.

Loggins is originally from Minneapolis. He elaborated, “I graduated and went to North High School, well, Dunwoody [High School] at the time—a part of North [High].” After he finished high school, Loggins decided to continue his education. “I graduated from Hennepin Tech in 2016.” 

After learning the HVAC trade and working for various companies, he decided to branch out on his own by launching an enterprise. Loggins established the HVAC business in April 2021. “Overall,” he said, “what really inspired me is always wanting to be an entrepreneur—being a business owner.” He also aspires to create generational wealth and a legacy for his children.

There’s an inspired meaning behind the business name Elements. Loggins said, “When you think of elements you think of water, air and fire, and sometimes the Earth.” He added, “So it really revolves around heating and cooling, daily elements we use.”

Asked about the mission and purpose of the business, he said, “To be community-driven and provide a way for the youth to have a home or job or resource, that if you’re willing to learn and grow, we’ll be able to provide an income and career path for youth.”

Loggins is focused on growing the business and achieving major goals. He emphasized what he hopes to accomplish with the HVAC business: “Personally, financial freedom. Ultimately to be a conglomerate, to be a Fortune 500 company, to provide a resource and income for the community and the youth.” 

Loggins is committed to helping residents receive high-quality services at an affordable rate. “Whether it’s the furnace, the air conditioner, a rooftop unit—you name it, we’ll troubleshoot it.” As far as maintenance-wise,” he added, “I’m willing to contract with an apartment building or residential [and] downtown commercial buildings.”

Customers can request assistance with installing new door hinges, changing light bulbs, and HVAC equipment. Currently, “Our main focus is HVAC, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and maintenance,” said Loggins.

As the cold weather approaches us, customers request season-specific services: “Right now tune-ups, preparing for the heating season.” Customers can expect to pay “$100 for a basic furnace tune-up,” said Loggins.

Although business can be demanding and challenging, there are rewarding aspects. These include “being able to be a positive change in the community—and essentially financial freedom, being my own boss.” He enjoys helping others through his new enterprise. The goal is to enhance the quality of life for others.

Throughout the ups and downs in business, Loggins is motivated to live his dream every day because of his family, specifically “my children.” They are the reason he works toward establishing a business that serves as a “pillar in the community,” explained Loggins.

He shared words of wisdom for young people as well as budding business owners: “Support each other and learn. Be hungry enough to go out and get it and really build your business up. Network. Nothing’s really a handout—you gotta go out and get it.”

Loggins added, “I feel like the Black, African American community is the most poverty-stricken in America, and we need help.

“After the people get behind the business and love what the business represents, then it’s always love,” continued Loggins. “And love is always gonna win. I just need the people to support. Once you get the people, you’re winning.” 

Elements Heating and Cooling is located at 2306 Lowry Ave. N. in Minneapolis. For more information, visit, Facebook page, or call 612-237-2126 for a free estimate.