Black Business Spotlight: Fresh Barbershop and Get Down Coffee

Photo by Ashley Lauren Houston White

Houston White introduces Fresh Barbershop and Get Down Coffee

There’s a lot of excitement brewing around entrepreneur Houston White’s Get Down Coffee Company. “A coffee shop called Get Down, it’s a dream come true—it feels like Brooklyn,” White said. He’s worked hard to create a welcoming and safe environment at his place of business.

White established Houston White Men’s Room (HWMR) in 2007, which is nestled in the Camden neighborhood. The newly renovated shop has been a positive anchor in the community. “I see it being the Starbucks of the future,” White said.

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White renamed Houston White Men’s Room to Fresh Barbershop and expanded the popular Get Down Coffee Company (GDC). The MSR was granted a sneak peek of the new barbershop and coffee shop, which coexist together in one building.

When customers arrive they can expect to be warmly greeted by Houston and the hospitable GDC team. Upbeat music played in the background as individuals viewed the new barbershop, mingled and sipped on flavorful GDC.

Photo by Ashley Lauren

The GDC company is a successful local enterprise. White and Dan Anderson (Founder of Dogwood Coffee Company) are the co-owners of the company. Hayley Matthews-Jones serves in the capacities of a business partner and chief operating officer.

The Get Down coffee company manufactures its products at the Dogwood Coffee facility, located in Northeast Minneapolis. The first retail location is scheduled to open on Black Friday at White’s headquarters: 1500 North 44th Avenue in North Minneapolis. The coffee can also be purchased at Target.

Big plans ahead

In the future, Houston plans to offer affordable housing in his community. Mathews-Jones emphasized, “Part of Houston’s solution—is submersing those new recruits in a neighborhood where they feel comfortable and feel part of the community.”

She added, “It’s six-month temporary housing with the long-term goal to increase Black homeownership rates—it feels like a simple solution.” They are excited to work on this project as a collective.

Photo by Ashley Lauren (l-r), Trey Aarestad, Houston White and Hayley Matthews-Jones

Matthews-Jones explained that White and his business partners will be focusing on phases two and three of his master plan. Customers can expect to see major expansions resulting in a new business hub that can be utilized by local creatives and entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, “If you’re an independent shop owner—we’ll have everything you need right in this neighborhood to get your business up and running,” explained Matthews-Jones.

The community is invited to come out to the grand opening on November 26-28, from 7 am to 7 pm. Fresh Barbershop and Get Down Coffee company are located at 1500 N 44th Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55412. For more information visit or call 612-361-2151.