Local notables honor the life, legacy of DJ Brother Jules

Travis R Lee Brother Jules Memorial at New Salem Baptist Church

Hundreds of fans, friends, and family members gathered at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in North Minneapolis to pay their respects to Minneapolis-born, internationally known, Julian White, also known as DJ Brother Jules.

Brother Jules was loved and highly respected as a top DJ, production remixer, and musical advisor. His unexpected Dec. 4 death at age 50, due to complications from a fall, sent shockwaves of sadness and disbelief through the Twin Cities and beyond.

Brother Jules had many influences that fueled his hunger to entertain and spin records at an early age. As a teenager, he participated in the North Community High School’s KBEM Radio training program.

He got his first regular gig in the late 1980s as a DJ at Bernadette’s, a teen dance club located in the Uptown YMCA named after Bernadette Anderson, mother of famous recording artist Andre Cymone.

He then went on to build a reputation as a club DJ and radio personality at 89.9FM KMOJ. His undeniable talent also got him recognized and chosen to work and tour exclusively for Minnesota musical genius and Grammy Award- and Oscar-winning legend Prince.

Upon entering Bro Jules’ memorial service on Dec. 17, one could hear the unmistakable, blaring voice of Rev. Jerry McAfee who delivered an imaginative eulogy that spoke to their friendship and Bro Jules’s close relationship with God.

Having known Bro Jules since he was a teenager, I can tell you that he was ambitious, respectful, generous, and private. He never once boasted about his close relationship with Prince, one of the most recognized entertainers in the world. This was a unique character trait in a world of clout-chasers and attention addicts.

I was brought to tears by how many local media personalities, DJs, club promoters, and influencers came out to this very sobering ceremony to show their love for a man who left us all too soon.

I’ve been told that you can get a good idea of who a person was by who attends their funeral. If that’s the case, Brother Jules’ life and work on earth were valued mightily.

See photos of attendees of the memorial service below. All photos by Travis Lee.