Celebrating DJ Brother Jules

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Julian Bond White was a legend in the Twin Cities. Everyone who knew him called him “Bro Jules.” He was a fixture at KMOJ radio as well as a DJ for Prince. Bro Jules was kind, funny, and friendly to all that knew him. When it came to DJing skills, Bro Jules was the go-to guy. He started early, perfecting his craft, and made a name for himself.

Bro Jules died unexpectedly on Dec. 4. His memorial service was held at New Salem Baptist Church Friday, December 17, 2021. The church was packed with mourners and fans of Bro Jules.

More than just a DJ, Bro Jules was a mixologist when it comes to music. Mixologists are skilled at mixing music together. DJ Jules mixed music that you would not think go together. He would mix it together and make it talk to you. His mixes can still be heard on KMOJ radio Monday-Friday at noon.

DJ Julies gave a lot of DJs and MCs opportunities. He would work a gig and if any DJs walked in, he would give them a chance to rock the crowd on his time. His reach went way beyond the Twin Cities and the U.S.; he was well-known all over the country.

Jules DJ’d in Germany, Paris, France Italy, Canada, and a host of other places that most DJs never got a chance to experience.

Brother Milford of Senior Perspectives stated that Jules was like a son to him. “He’d call to check on me every day. He’d ask if I needed anything. Even though he was going through, he still checked on me. He was my first producer and forever will be in my heart,” he said.

Brother Jules put in many years at KMOJ radio from doing the Twilight Zone on Friday and Saturday nights from 10 pm -2 am. He produced spots, voice-overs, and mixes for clubs, organizations, and groups throughout the Twin Cities.

Brother Jules told his long-time crew, the Original 5, that he wanted people to celebrate him with a party. They did just that by having a celebration in his honor on Dec. 19 at the Reign Night Club.

The Original 5 plus guest DJs mixed music on stage and MCs got on the mic and pumped the crowd. There was a fundraiser set up in his name Julian Bond White. Reign was packed with fans, politicians, entrepreneurs, and businessmen/women DJs, photographers, and community leaders. Everyone had a story to tell about when or how he or she met the legend.

DJ Jules didn’t consider himself a legend, but he meant a lot to the Twin Cities music scene. He was a recent honoree at the Purple Day 2021 for his music contributions. I’m glad he got to feel the love while he was here.

Rest in music.