Black Business Spotlight: Supa Auto Detailing

Submitted photo James Stapleton

Auto-detailing business offers convenient service

 “I’ve always loved detailing,” said James Stapleton, the proud owner of Supa Auto Detailing. “I’ve been doing it for so long, I’ve got so many skills—so I was like, what the heck, let’s give it a shot.” He stepped out on faith two years ago and started the car shop, which is currently headquartered in Burnsville, MN. “We’re actually in the process of moving to Hastings [MN],” explained Stapleton.

According to the website, “Supa Auto Detailing provides you one of the best car wash services along with interior detailing, exterior detailing, mobile detailing services, and much more.” By appointment only.

Stapleton elaborated: “I offer a pickup and drop service too, at no additional charge. I can come get [the car] from your home or work.” The entire auto detailing process takes approximately two hours.

Stapleton is originally from Memphis, Tennessee. He moved to Minnesota in 1996 and graduated from Apple Valley High School in 1999. He said, “When I was 16, 17, 18 in high school, I was working at various different dealerships throughout the Twin Cities. Due to his extensive work experience, Stapleton is equipped with a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise in auto detailing. 

He elaborated, “I’ve been detailing for probably about 30 years, and then when COVID hit a few years ago I lost my job. So, I was trying to put something together.” Stapleton remained resilient and didn’t let the job layoff get him down. “I was talking it over with my wife and ended up in business, so here we are,” he said.

When asked who or what inspired him to open a business, Stapleton said, “My wife inspired me. She’s also self-employed, but she does marketing. So again, once COVID hit, it was kind of like [being] between a rock and a hard place finding work.”

Although Stapleton is the owner of Supa Auto Detailing, the business is family-oriented. “I’ve got my sons that help me out in the summertime. But in the wintertime, they’re in school so it’s just me in the winter,” he said. They enjoy working as a team to make their customers happy.

The business has experienced a lot of success within the last few years. Stapleton explained what it took to launch the business. “Definitely needed the good Lord on my side to guide me through the way—been some ups and downs, good days and bad days.” Stapleton also chose to invest his own capital to start the company.

Fortunately, he received an outpouring of support that helped the dream come to fruition. “I also had some family members who helped me out as well,” Stapleton said. As a result of their generosity, he was able to purchase “chemicals, products, equipment, shirts, cards, all those things,” he said.

Although operating a business requires hard work and can be challenging at times, there are rewarding aspects, Stapleton said. “We like to see those smiles on customers’ faces when we bring those cars back to them, and that’s my number-one goal is making sure customers are satisfied.”

What’s the most popular service at the shop? “We’re getting a lot of calls for interior [detailing] only,” he said. Winter can be harsh on vehicles inside and out, but Supa Auto Detailing is ready to help.

Stapleton shared what motivates him to live his dream every day: “My kids, my wife and just getting up, embracing having my own business, it’s a dream come true.” He added, “I know I’ve got a long way to go. I’m just getting started. There should be great things to happen in the near future.

“It’s hard for anyone to jump off and to start a business out of the blue. It’s so tough just going outside the box and just working for themselves, it’s always a beautiful thing,” said Stapleton.His advice for the budding entrepreneurs: “Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do anything that you want to do. You can fulfill your dreams.”

As a lifelong lesson he’s learned in business: “Don’t ever be scared to try something new. Be willing to take that leap of faith sometimes in business.” 

For more info, visit or call 952-652-7710.