Brights lights in the cities

holiday lights
Photos by Paige Elliott

One solace to the shorter days at the start of the winter is the bursts of color on the streets at night. Whether you’re on a budget or just looking for some low-key fun for the family, there’s nothing like driving around town with loved ones, especially kids, to savor the festive lights. Below are just a few highlights of residential light displays in the community.


  • 33rd & 30th Ave. S. (three houses together)
  • 35th St. & 25th Ave., S.
  • 3808 18th Ave. S.
  • 4021 16th Ave. S. 
  • 4239 13th Ave. S.
  • 44th & Pillsbury Ave. S. (corner)
  • 5205 Washburn Ave. S. (synchronized to music on 104.9 FM)
  • 283 Washburn Ave. N. 
  • 53rd and Penn Ave. N. (30,000 lights display)

St. Paul

  • Holiday Lights on York Avenue, 1526 York Ave. (11 yards lit up and synchronized to 91.5 FM)
  • The Beaumont’s Holiday Light Show, 229 21st Ave. S (synchronized to music on 97.1 FM)
  • Rice Park, 109 W. 4th St.
  • Friends of Mears Park, 261 5th St. E.


  • 1400 E. 96th St.
  • 10730 Xerxes Ave. S.
  • 9331 Chicago Ave. S.
  • 1000 Mound Spring Terrace
  • Holiday Lights Drive-Thru at Martin Luther Campus (senior living community), 1401 E. 100th St. (free and open to all)

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