Word on the Street: What lifts your spirits in the winter?

During this season of shortened daylight, the MSR took to the streets to ask community members how they adjust to keep their spirits bright in the colder, darker months of winter.

Photo by Nikki Love

Cheryl Anderson:

To brighten my days, in the beginning I pray and thank the Lord I woke up. I like to listen to music, mostly gospel, but during Christmas time I listen to Christmas music, especially the Jackson 5 and Motown. I like to read happy romantic comedy books, or I love being involved with the Mother’s Love [organization] helping my people. 

Sometimes I watch a movie, relax and have some tea. To brighten my days when it gets dark early, I turn on more lights! Love and embrace one another. Don’t waste food to give to the homeless who are always in need.

Photo by Nikki Love

Rico Mullins:

Seeing my grandkids brightens my days. What keeps my spirits up is I go by my friend’s house who encourages me. He motivates me in the right way to make me want to do better for myself. Prayer and a support team lift my spirit. Stay prayed up.

Photo by Nikki Love

Sharon Baker:

To brighten my days, I usually like to listen to music or watch something on TV, like Netflix. Something lighthearted to get me into the holiday spirit. I sometimes go to the gym and work out to release stress and unwind. I like to work out early in the mornings during the dark, light candles, read a book or watch TV.

Photo by Nikki Love

Christopher Bilal Brown:

I listen to inspirational music and try to read an inspirational quote or watch a video, my Malcolm X or Oprah, for inspiration. Due to my mental health, I adjust by taking my medication daily, staying positive and knowing that tomorrow is not promised but threatened. Service and significance are the key to success.

Photo by Nikki Love

Lisa Moy:

I’m a goof troupe; I love watching funny movies such as comedies. My favorite of all time forever and ever is “Martin.” The show brightens my days. I watch each episode as if I have never seen it before. 

I dance around the house and watch comedies, my favorite shows, and entertain my friends—that lightens my days. Laughter is always a spirit lifter for me. 

My faith keeps me adjusted. I don’t believe I have experienced seasonal depression because I tend to keep positive people around me. I am the type of person to understand when I’m feeling down—I know what to do to lift my spirits. My therapy is comedy! 

Photo by Nikki Love John Baker

John Baker:

I like to read a good book, surf the internet, look for new exciting things going on in the news and play my video games—that brightens my day. We as a community need to continue to educate ourselves, embrace learning, embrace the different ways we learn whether it’s visual or audio. We need to learn, learn and learn because that empowers us more than you think. 

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