U.S. hypocrisy exposed with Russia-Ukraine ‘war’

When our government and its state-controlled media tell us that the world is not safe with Putin in power, what they are really saying is, that the White world is not safe because Putin is comfortable attacking White Christians the same as the U.S. is comfortable attacking Muslims.

White America has been butchering Muslims for 20 years in the Middle East and putting millions of Muslim lives at risk, but amazingly, America does not see this as the world not being safe.

Only when Whites are in danger is the world not a safe place.

Muslims are not seen as worthy of having a safe world to live in. There is nothing else to separate this Ukraine “war” from the Iraq “war” other than the U.S. accusing Russia of intentionally targeting civilians and the U.S. saying it does not intentionally target civilians.

For the U.S., the hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed by the U.S. in Iraq who were innocents were all killed by “tragic mistakes.”

Not much separation here.

Frank Erickson is a resident of Minneapolis.

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