Pope should also apologize for ‘wars’ against Muslims

The Pope goes to Canada to apologize for the crimes of the church upon the Native people. If White Christians believe this is an acceptable process, then why didn’t White Christians in America invite the head honcho of the Muslim “terrorist” world to come to America and apologize for 9-11? Instead they used the 9-11 as a scapegoat for the Afghan “war.” 

In Canada, the Pope reconciles it, amends it, and atones for it all with a verbal apology. But the Christians in Washington needed a 20-year “war” upon defenseless and innocent Muslims to get their revenge. An apology would have never sufficed.

And why didn’t the Pope ever get after the Christians in Washington who year after year would attack innocent Muslims and escalate Middle East violence. Did the Pope support the Afghan and Iraq “wars”?

How is it that the Pope never condemned the attacking of Muslims who had no militaries as the U.S. attacked defenseless Muslims using its superpower military?

The Pope should have gone to Washington during the Afghan “war” and lectured members of his flock that forgiveness is the Christian way, not revenge. They sought revenge upon the Afghans only because they were Muslims.

How about the Indigenous people of Canada bomb the Vatican for 20 years?

Frank Erickson, Minneapolis